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  3. 3-1. A Child
           3-2. Mundane/ Utopian
           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
   4.    Starland Dairy
   5.    SUNGO

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Mundane/ Utopian
Type Design

Typography & Place
Mr. Bean was the persona that I designed for this series of typography. I delivered the story, personality, and meaning of the character through the combination of objects, textures, colors and typography.

Mundane- The whole series of Mr. Bean talks about how he deals with the problems that happen in mundane life through his unexpected solutions. The visual of the traffic jam matches the plot and the quirkiness of Mr. Bean subtly. I printed out countless traffic pictures and bent them into different shapes to form the letters.

Utopian- Presenting the idea that “Mr. Bean is inherently utopian.” which was claimed by lots of critics. Mr. Bean lives comfortably, toils little, and lives within his means. Thus, I used old but fancy furniture to match the idea and the environment he lived.