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  1. Visual Language of Taiwan
  2. Stay Focused
  3. 3-1. A Child
           3-2. Mundane/ Utopian
           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
   4.    Starland Dairy
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Stay Focused

Motion Design
Graphic Design


In this digital age, a huge quantity of people have trouble focusing due to social media and multitasking and it will reduce people’s productivity, comprehension and creativity substantially. According to the research, the average college student (Gen Z) is the biggest group to have this problem, focusing on any task for just 65 seconds. Thus, I created three designs that could help them improve it through different mediums.


Scanimation can draw people's attention and make people know about this serious problem in an engaging way. The goal is to make them actually put down their phones and focus on a single thing for over 65 seconds. I designed nine frames of story to deliver this severe problem and this installation will be the first thing to help them fix it.


Stickers can be stuck everywhere and send messages whenever people pass by. I aim to use stickers and optical illusion to draw college students’ attention first and make them try to understand the meaning behind the graphics by themselves.

(Social Media)

The goal of these three motions is to stop college students from scrolling their phones. It’s too easy to addict to digital content on social media. As a solution, I've decided to blend in with those contents and serve as a subtle reminder to break this cycle of mindless browsing.