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arland Dairy
Graphic Design
Packaging Design

Starland Dairy was built in 1932 and supplied milk to Savannah residents until the 1980s. After it was abandoned for years, two SCAD students purchased it and started to restore the old Starland Dairy. The building of Starland Dairy became the centerpiece of the revitalization project in this area. More and more business and art-related campaigns moved in by 2003 which gave this place full of creativity and energetic vibes. Several interesting stores and artists are gathering in the district right now. Starland Dairy plays an indispensable role in rebirthing the neighborhood. In this project, I tried to communicate the story and the scenarios in 1932 through contemporary lens via designs.

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(Brand/ Packaging Design) Traditional Media

I decided to design labels for five milk bottles, as milk held a special place in our neighborhood's history, connecting people and bringing warmth. Consequently, I went to various vintage stores in Savannah to find old milk bottles, albeit without success. Therefore, I bought new ones and aged them to look used. I used a contemporary design and color palette to create a stark contrast with the 1932 style.

(Motion Design) New Media

Motion is an interesting way to tell the story of the past yet combine the energetic and creative vibe that exists at present in Starland district. The old and nostalgic background music and the visual elements from Starland Dairy could help audiences immerse into the scenario of 1932, but in a contemporary way and design.