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Visual Language of Taiwan

Type Design
Graphic Design


Taiwan is where I was born and raised. We have a rich culture and history on this small island. However, the visual language of Taiwan is pretty vague due to a couple of reasons and most of the people in Taiwan don’t know about it. Thus, in this personal project, I tried to rebuild the unique visual language of Taiwan through two sets of Typography designs. 

The first typography has a more commercial appearance, as I intend to use it to rebrand the products from Taiwan's traditional industries, which have a greater chance of visibility. This visual transformation aims to reshape viewers' perceptions of Taiwan. My design was influenced by the iconic "Echo" magazine, which has played a significant role in Taiwan's graphic design landscape since 1970. Additionally, I incorporated elements of Chinese typography into this typeface design.The second typography features an experimental and graphic look as I planned to combine with illustrations of Taiwan's iconic elements. This combination will be used to design a series of postage stamps aimed at showcasing Taiwan's unique design, style, and way of life to a broader audience.
The concept behind the second typography draws inspiration from the symbolic significance of circles in Taiwan. These shapes represent ideals of perfection, auspiciousness, and good fortune, making them prominent features in our temples, festivals, and daily life.