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Packaging Design

SUNGO is a brand for body care and sundry items born during the COVID-19 pandemic. I came up with this project to help farmers diversify their products, build their brand, and through the brand find a space for self-expression. I designed the logo based on the expression "fruit of the sun". The title was bestowed on Ai-Wen mangoes after it passed multiple quality control tests. For the packaging box, I used the main colors of mangoes and the curve of the color gradient to evoke the shape of a mango. The font design presents a modern but classic vision through the use of simple and smooth lines collocated with serifs. With proper blank space, I hope to leave room for the imagination of my audience.


In addition to the packaging box design, I was also responsible for designing the labels for mango-flavored products, such as handwash, lip balm, hand cream, beer and dried mangoes. To achieve consistency with the packaging box, I kept the clean and
abstract lines along with a background gradient for the product description. I selected a yellow-orange color gradient to symbolize the landscape where Ai-Wen mangoes grow, a place with abundant sunshine. Lastly, I completed my work with neat typography so as to convey our brand concept-clean, pure, and generous.