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(Graphic Design)
  1. Visual Language of Taiwan
  2. Stay Focused
  3. 3-1. A Child
           3-2. Mundane/ Utopian
           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
   4.    Starland Dairy
   5.    SUNGO

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P001 →
Visual Language of Taiwan

Type Design
Graphic Design


Taiwan is where I was born and raised, a place rich in culture and history. However, the visual language of Taiwan is often vague for various reasons, and many people in Taiwan are not familiar with it. In this personal project, I aimed to reconstruct Taiwan's unique visual language through two sets of typography designs.

The first typography has a more commercial appearance, as I intend to use it to rebrand the products from Taiwan's traditional industries, which have a greater chance of visibility. This visual transformation aims to reshape viewers' perceptions of Taiwan. My design was influenced by the iconic "Echo" magazine, which has played a significant role in Taiwan's graphic design landscape since 1970. Additionally, I incorporated elements of Chinese typography into this typeface design.The second typography features an experimental and graphic look as I planned to combine with illustrations of Taiwan's iconic elements. This combination will be used to design a series of postage stamps aimed at showcasing Taiwan's unique design, style, and way of life to a broader audience.
The concept behind the second typography draws inspiration from the symbolic significance of circles in Taiwan. These shapes represent ideals of perfection, auspiciousness, and good fortune, making them prominent features in our temples, festivals, and daily life.


P002 →
Stay Focused

Motion Design
Graphic Design


In this digital age, a huge quantity of people have trouble focusing due to social media and multitasking and it will reduce people’s productivity, comprehension and creativity substantially. According to the research, the average college student (Gen Z) is the biggest group to have this problem, focusing on any task for just 65 seconds. Thus, I created three designs that could help them improve it through different mediums.


Scanimation can draw people's attention and make people know about this serious problem in an engaging way. The goal is to make them actually put down their phones and focus on a single thing for over 65 seconds. I designed nine frames of story to deliver this severe problem and this installation will be the first thing to help them fix it.


Stickers can be stuck everywhere and send messages whenever people pass by. I aim to use stickers and optical illusion to draw college students’ attention first and make them try to understand the meaning behind the graphics by themselves.

(Social Media)

The goal of these three motions is to stop college students from scrolling their phones. It’s too easy to addict to digital content on social media. As a solution, I've decided to blend in with those contents and serve as a subtle reminder to break this cycle of mindless browsing.

P003 →
Newspaper for Mr. Bean
Editorial Design

The outcome of combining previous projects of type design and making them into a newspaper. In this project, this would not be considered as a regular newspaper. Creating the immersive reading experience to strengthen visual communication through the integration of experimental layouts and key elements.

P003-1 →
A Child
Type Design

Typography & Image
Mr. Bean was the persona that I designed this series of typography. I delivered the story, personality, and meaning of the character through the combination of objects, textures, colors and typography. By using shaving foam as a medium to convey the concept of “ A child trapped in the body of a man.” which is often associated with the character of Mr. Bean. As you can see, they just look like the process of shaving on a grown man's skin but with playful and childish elements at the same time.


P003-2 →
Mundane/ Utopian
Type Design

Typography & Place
Mr. Bean was the persona that I designed for this series of typography. I delivered the story, personality, and meaning of the character through the combination of objects, textures, colors and typography.

Mundane- The whole series of Mr. Bean talks about how he deals with the problems that happen in mundane life through his unexpected solutions. The visual of the traffic jam matches the plot and the quirkiness of Mr. Bean subtly. I printed out countless traffic pictures and bent them into different shapes to form the letters.

Utopian- Presenting the idea that “Mr. Bean is inherently utopian.” which was claimed by lots of critics. Mr. Bean lives comfortably, toils little, and lives within his means. Thus, I used old but fancy furniture to match the idea and the environment he lived.



P003-3 →
Mr. Bean/ Burden
Type Design

Type & Texture
Mr. Bean was the persona that I designed for this series of typography. I delivered the story, personality, and meaning of the character through the combination of objects, textures, colors and typography.

Mr. Bean- For me, hedgehog is the best creature to describe Mr. Bean. His temper, behavior and selfishness like the stings on the hedgehogs which used to protect himself, but you still can tell his innocence and naive from the bottom of his heart. In addition, the rounded shape brings out the funny part of his personality.

Burden- I used colorful cotton candy to form the letters of “Burden”, which could convey clearly that Mr. Bean doesn’t have any burden at all and lives in the life everybody dreams of. I made the letters with cotton which has a similar texture and effect to cotton candy.


Mr. Bean-WIP

P004 →
arland Dairy
Graphic Design
Packaging Design

Starland Dairy was built in 1932 and supplied milk to Savannah residents until the 1980s. After it was abandoned for years, two SCAD students purchased it and started to restore the old Starland Dairy. The building of Starland Dairy became the centerpiece of the revitalization project in this area. More and more business and art-related campaigns moved in by 2003 which gave this place full of creativity and energetic vibes. Several interesting stores and artists are gathering in the district right now. Starland Dairy plays an indispensable role in rebirthing the neighborhood. In this project, I tried to communicate the story and the scenarios in 1932 through contemporary lens via designs.

photos from:

(Brand/ Packaging Design) Traditional Media

I decided to design labels for five milk bottles, as milk held a special place in our neighborhood's history, connecting people and bringing warmth. Consequently, I went to various vintage stores in Savannah to find old milk bottles, albeit without success. Therefore, I bought new ones and aged them to look used. I used a contemporary design and color palette to create a stark contrast with the 1932 style.

(Motion Design) New Media

Motion is an interesting way to tell the story of the past yet combine the energetic and creative vibe that exists at present in Starland district. The old and nostalgic background music and the visual elements from Starland Dairy could help audiences immerse into the scenario of 1932, but in a contemporary way and design.

P005 →
Packaging Design

SUNGO is a brand for body care and sundry items born during the COVID-19 pandemic. I came up with this project to help farmers diversify their products, build their brand, and through the brand find a space for self-expression. I designed the logo based on the expression "fruit of the sun". The title was bestowed on Ai-Wen mangoes after it passed multiple quality control tests. For the packaging box, I used the main colors of mangoes and the curve of the color gradient to evoke the shape of a mango. The font design presents a modern but classic vision through the use of simple and smooth lines collocated with serifs. With proper blank space, I hope to leave room for the imagination of my audience.


In addition to the packaging box design, I was also responsible for designing the labels for mango-flavored products, such as handwash, lip balm, hand cream, beer and dried mangoes. To achieve consistency with the packaging box, I kept the clean and
abstract lines along with a background gradient for the product description. I selected a yellow-orange color gradient to symbolize the landscape where Ai-Wen mangoes grow, a place with abundant sunshine. Lastly, I completed my work with neat typography so as to convey our brand concept-clean, pure, and generous.

P006 →
Greeting Card for
Mid-Autumn Festival
Card Design

I designed a greeting card for the Mid-Autumn Festival because my company wished to send warm greetings to our customers. For this work, I dedicated myself to getting rid of traditional means of visual communication in Taiwan, where the audience is bombarded with information. To do so, I chose the abstract graphic and line to present the elements of the festival.

P007 →
Design  System
Poster Design

This project was to create the Matrix Map of my thinking and working process, which allows me to look closer at how my brain works, as well as offering insights into a way of working and presenting my ideas. After I listed and organized all the things in my working process, I found that the idea of the solar system can visualize it subtly. People would understand it right away through their interconnection and relationship based on our understanding of the solar system.