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  2. Stay Focused
  3. 3-1. A Child
           3-2. Mundane/ Utopian
           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
   4.    Starland Dairy
   5.    SUNGO

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Shoplifters Title Sequence

Adobe After Effects


Shoplifters, 2023

The Shibata family, living in poverty in Tokyo, surviving through petty theft. There are five people in this family but they don’t have any blood relations. They are a makeshift family bound together by shared circumstances and a deep sense of care for each other. Their bond is built on love, empathy, and the shared experience of living on the margins of society. The story explores themes of family, poverty, and morality, asking what truly defines a family and how far one would go for those they love.

In this title sequence project, I aim to evoke an uncanny vibe through the music, textures, and graphics on vintage paper and diary. By using a low-saturated color palette, I intend to reflect the story's background and environment. Everything appears plain and simple, yet each element subtly connects, mirroring the intricate plot of the movie.