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  2. Stay Focused
  3. 3-1. A Child
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           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
   4.    Starland Dairy
   5.    SUNGO

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Title Sequence of SAKURAN 

Adobe After Effect


The movie "Sakuran" revolves around the life of a geisha and her love story. To capture the essence of the geisha lifestyle and the film's color palette, we filmed a variety of vibrant, colorful items such as jewelry and perfume. Additionally, the film features many shots of goldfish, chosen for their phonetic similarity to "geisha" in Japanese and their symbolic association with the geisha persona. Like the geisha, goldfish exhibit beauty in their skin and scales but are metaphorically trapped, echoing the geisha's confined existence. Therefore, we captured a range of water and fish-related scenes, including ink bleeding and the play of light and shadow on water. Then, these visuals were then artfully transformed into a kaleidoscopic effect. This approach not only aligns with the film's visual style but also symbolizes the opulent yet intricate and challenging life of a geisha.