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  3. 3-1. A Child
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           3-3. Mr. Bean/ Burden
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Mr. Bean/ Burden
Type Design

Type & Texture
Mr. Bean was the persona that I designed for this series of typography. I delivered the story, personality, and meaning of the character through the combination of objects, textures, colors and typography.

Mr. Bean- For me, hedgehog is the best creature to describe Mr. Bean. His temper, behavior and selfishness like the stings on the hedgehogs which used to protect himself, but you still can tell his innocence and naive from the bottom of his heart. In addition, the rounded shape brings out the funny part of his personality.

Burden- I used colorful cotton candy to form the letters of “Burden”, which could convey clearly that Mr. Bean doesn’t have any burden at all and lives in the life everybody dreams of. I made the letters with cotton which has a similar texture and effect to cotton candy.


Mr. Bean-WIP