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Move for Hunger

Style Frame


Script (30 seconds commercial)

More than 34 million Americans face hunger every day.
Meanwhile, 38% of the food produced in the US
every year is wasted.

Move For Hunger offers a sustainable solution to this inexcusable paradox.

There are 33 million Americans move every single year.
If we recovered just 1 pound of food from each of them, 
we’d be able to provide 27.5 million meals to people all across the country.

Let's eliminate food waste during the relocation process.
Move For Hunger.

I designed a series of style frames for Move for Hunger's commercial, an organization that facilitates food donations during moves to reduce food waste. The visual approach I took involved an illustrative style with vibrant colors, aligning perfectly with the brand's joyful, warm, and playful identity. To enhance the visual storytelling, I employed semiotics and metaphor, using abstract shapes in the frames to convey deeper meanings related to the cause.